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Current project:


Circle of Yoga is collecting the first donations for one year of yoga & meditation classes for 36 youth aged 13 to 18 in cooperation with our local partner organization Art of a Child.

The children gain a healthy awareness of their body and mind through regular practice. They are strengthened from within in their ability to concentrate, self-efficacy and resourcefulness. Part of the donations will be used for the yoga teacher to continue her training in the areas of yoga, meditation and resilience, and thus safely support the students in taking a mindful, yet self-determined approach to decisions about their future.

Project partners in Uganda:


Art of a Child in Uganda is a non-profit organization for children and young people, which promotes the potential of children through education, creative and literary skills.

Art of a Child offers over 1200 children and young people a safe place to educate and develop in its various programs such as Matatart and Global G.L.O.W. For example, skills in self-assertion, strengthening self-confidence and leadership skills are taught, as well as skills in the areas of tailoring, baking and African crafts.

Why Circle of Yoga?

"What I like about yoga is that it is healthy for body and mind. And since we want to have healthy girls, mentally and physically, Circle of Yoga is a good program for them"

Susan Tusabe, Project Manager ofArt of a Child


36 young people - they are taught in two groups every Friday.


In Kampala, Uganda

Yoga teacher in Uganda:


Joy Christine is our first yoga teacher. We are incredibly happy to be working with her!

Joy Christine is a certified meditation and yoga teacher, dance artist and choreographer, wellness coach and entrepreneur. She has incorporated yoga into her dance performances and into her wonderful community projects, supporting people around her. 

Now she is also using her energy and strength for Circle of Yoga, teaching two groups of youth weekly in a primary school in Kampala.

"I use movement as my universal language that has no limitations in expression, as a source of healing, therapy and grounding."

Donate now! Every small contribution makes a big difference!
Joy Christine, yoga teacher fromCircle of Yoga
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