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Circle of yoga background

Nana  |  Founder of Circle of Yoga e.V.

It is a matter of the heart for me to use my personal strengths for people who were not born in a country that is characterized by material wealth, social security and peace. With the access to yoga I would like to create moments for children in which they have time to connect with themselves. I wish for every single child to find exactly what they need and what strengthens them on the mat. Sometimes relaxation, sometimes strength, sometimes silence, sometimes connection, sometimes forgiveness, sometimes overcoming limits, sometimes recognizing their own desires and potentials and above all feeling that they are just right as they are and where they are.


Nora & Sakina

Two women from Cologne with the same passion for yoga and meditation, with the same desire to actively support a project for children, have joined me.

Together we founded Circle of Yoga e.V. and have gained a lot of wonderful participants and support to realise regular yoga classes in a primary school in Kampala, Uganda.

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