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About Us

Make yoga and meditation accessible to all children!

"We believe that the inner strength of every child is a crucial factor in bringing more balance to the world."

Circle of Yoga is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides yoga teachers to social organizations and supplies necessary materials to facilitate regular yoga and meditation classes for children and youth, starting in Uganda.

Empowerment - opportunity to participate, activation, strengthening!
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Regular yoga and meditation practice inspires children to connect with themselves, others, and their environment in healthy, confident, and loving ways.

Physical and mental well-being is strengthened. Challenging situations in everyday life can be handled more clearly and calmly for oneself.

Children learn the ability to accept themselves and their circumstances without feeling at their mercy. An understanding of the possibilities for participation and for harmonious togetherness is promoted, (pre)lived and ultimately passed on.

It is a matter of the heart for us that the yoga teachers are a healthy and identity-boosting role model for the children and provide a positive orientation opportunity.

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